Are Your Kids Drinking Enough Water?

Let’s face it… most children do not choose water when they are thirsty.

They opt for juice, sports drinks, or sugary beverages if left with the choice. But kids need water—and lots of it!

Ion Thrive Hydrogen Water is an excellent choice for children, just as it is for you.

The outstanding filtration removes the unpleasant aftertaste of chlorine and other substances that turn the tastebuds off. The minerals in Ion Thrive water are great for teeth and bones, and hydration has more benefits than we can list. But you know us … so we HAD to list a few!

1.      Did you know dehydration makes you cranky? It’s true! Sometimes that bad mood or looming temper tantrum is actually a sign your child is dehydrated. Irritability, sleepiness, and weakness can indicate their tank is low on water. Especially in the summer heat, it is important to ensure your kids drink enough water to have pale (not dark yellow) urine throughout the day.

2.      What about constipation? When kids are out of school, they tend to snack more and move less. This makes digestion sluggish, and dehydration can cause constipation, tummy aches, and discomfort. Water helps the digestive system stay on track and keeps kids regular and healthy.

3.      Low energy? Water gives your kids an energy boost. When they are dehydrated, they start to lose steam. Water supports blood flow—essential for getting oxygen to the brain—without the added sugar and empty calories of other beverages.

4.      Did you know water is an important part of keeping your child’s immune system healthy? Well, it is! Water helps flush out the toxins. The body’s lymphatic system depends on a healthy level of hydration to do its job and destroy bacteria attacking the body. Giving your child enough water to drink can actually help keep them healthy and strong.

5.      It helps them beat the heat! We all know that when we get hot, we get sweaty. Kids sweat too! The water in your children’s cells helps them regulate their body temperature and keeps them from getting overheated. With most of the country experiencing extreme heat this summer, it is really important to keep those little humans hydrated!

6.      Did you know water boosts the brain? That’s right—a hydrated brain is more focused, better able to concentrate, and quicker to respond. Even a tiny amount of dehydration impacts cognitive function, just like it does for adults. Since the brain is 75-85% water, it isn’t hard to understand that our brains need water to concentrate and learn.

So there you have it—your kids need water and plenty of it! Ion Thrive Hydrogen (or Alkaline) Water is a GREAT way to ensure your children have pure, healthy, nutritious, healing water to help them thrive!

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