“L” stands for Liver Cleansers – Improves Efficiency in Your Body

ENERPRIME is S.A.L.A.D. in a bottle-and the “L” stands for Liver Cleansers!

Your liver is like your body’s vacuum cleaner, taking in everything you eat, drink, and breathe and filtering out all the things that your body shouldn’t have. Your liver cleanses your body. It is vital to the role of cleansing your body, and also produces certain important enzymes for digestion.

We all know that overconsumption of alcoholic beverages can damage your liver, but did you know that people with diabetes (or who are pre-diabetic) often suffer from non-alcoholic liver disease? That means the body doesn’t handle fats correctly, and everything else starts to go haywire!

When you supply the liver with the nutrients it needs, it can work the way it should work-which is GOOD for your body! When you support your liver function, you improve the efficiency of everything else in your body. Your liver keeps everything else in order.

Liver cleansers help you clean out the filter. EnerPrime’s unique blend of high-quality nutritional ingredients help you give your liver what it needs so it can work for you the way it should!

Watch this 4-minute video from Carey Nosler about the “L” in your ENERPRIME “S.A.L.A.D. in a bottle!”

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